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    Zeolite 3A

    Zeolite 3A
    Zeolite 3A
    Product Code : SORB-Z3A
    Product Specification
    The pore size of zeolite is 3 angstrom and can not adsorb any molecular larger than its pore size. According to the industrial application specialties, we endue our products with the characters of higher adsorption speed, stronger crushing and anti-contaminative resistance, more cyclic times and longer work-span is assured for our product. All these advantages have made it come to be the most essential and necessary desiccant in the fields of the deep drying, refinery, polymerization for cracked gases, ethylene, propylene and any other non-acidic gases or liquids in petroleum and chemical industries.

    We are manufacturer and supplier of Zeolite 3A - Beads, Pellets & Powder for Industrial gases & liquids drying, separation, purification  and removal process.

    • Dehydration of many kinds of liquids (say Ethanol)

    • Eathnol drying, separation, purification and dehydration

    • Oil purification

    • Solvant, alkyone and polor liquids drying

    • Olefin drying

    • Drying Polymer plant feed

    • Drying kerosene and jet fuel

    • Drying cracking liquid and cracking gas

    • Drying of air in insulated windows (double windows)

    • Drying N2-H2 mixtures made by cracking of NH3

    • Drying liquefied petroleum gas

    • Dehydration of Air

    • Dehydration and drying of Refrigerant

    • Dehydration of natural gas or methane

    • Dehydration of cracked gas, ethylene, ethyne, propylene or butadiene

    • Carbon dioxide removal from water

    • Dehydration oxygen remove from air  

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